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Human macrophage polarization in the response to Mycobacterium leprae genomic DNA

The established thinking is that host response, rather than M. leprae strain variation, is the reason for the broad variation of symptoms in the leprosy disease spectrum

Recent discoveries suggest that macrophage polarization also plays a significant role in the spectrum of leprosy disease but to what degree it contributes is not fully established.

Utilizing DNA from three different strains of M. leprae DNA to stimulate human macrophages under three polarization conditions we observed, that the transcriptome upon stimulation with DNA from M. leprae strain Thai-53 was larger compared to strains NHDP and Br4923, independent of the macrophage polarization condition.

We also found that macrophage polarization affects the responses to M. leprae DNA, with up-regulation of numerous interferon stimulated genes.

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