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Moderate intensity exercise may protect cardiac function by influencing spleen microbiome composition




The beneficial effects of physical exercise on human cardiorespiratory fitness might be through reduced systemic inflammation, but the mechanism remains a controversy. Recent studies have highlighted the importance of spleen microbiomes in immune regulation. Hence, we conducted a study using a high-fat diet and exercise mouse model to investigate the relationships among different exercise intensities, spleen microbiome composition, and cardiac function. The mice spleen contained a diverse array of microbiota. Different intensities of exercise resulted in varying compositions of the spleen microbiome, Treg cell levels, and mouse heart function. Additionally, the abundance of Lactobacillus johnsonii in the mouse spleen exhibited a positive correlation with Treg cell levels, suggesting that Lactobacillus johnsonii may contribute to the production of Treg cells, potentially explaining the protective role of moderate-intensity exercise on cardiac function. In conclusion, our findings provide evidence that moderate-intensity exercise may promote cardiac function protection by influencing the spleen microbiome composition.

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