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Physicians and scientists join forces to develop the longevity medicine curriculum

Physicians and scientists highlight the importance of #longevity medicine education and collaborate on the first longevity medicine course for physicians

Longevity medicine is a rapidly evolving branch of preventative #precisionmedicine that is specifically focused on promoting healthspan and lifespan, utilizing #aging biomarkers commonly referred to as aging clocks. Over the past decade advances in AI and machine learning enabled the development of deep aging clocks (DACs) and other novel tools to track the rate of aging. In parallel novel preventative and therapeutic interventions have been discovered or progressed into clinical trials. Many medical and public health professionals do not have time to read the thousands of research papers covering this new field and actively engage in cutting-edge innovation in preventative medicine. And there are few educational resources that outline the benefits of longevity medicine. However, in order for the field to evolve, it is important that these materials are easily accessible for the broad medical community and presented at the level acceptable by the general medical practitioners.

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