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The Effects of Frankincense on Oral Health

Frankincense oil, originating from Boswellia trees in the Middle East, Africa, and parts of Asia, has a rich history as a valuable remedy for various diseases. Recent scientific research has revealed its potential therapeutic effects on oral health, contributing to oral disease prevention and maintenance. As interest in natural remedies grows and concerns regarding side effects of synthetic drugs persist, frankincense serves as a promising candidate for adjunctive therapy. This study examines the impact of frankincense on the oral microbiome, focusing on its antimicrobial properties against pathogenic oral bacteria –S. mutans, P. gingivalis, and F. nucleatum – that contribute to dental caries and periodontal disease.

To measure the effects of frankincense on these bacteria, saliva samples were collected with a RNA/DNA stabilizing solution from volunteers prior to and after using a frankincense concentrated mouthwash solution. Volunteers were divided into two separate groups, one group with a frankincense solution and one group without. After seven days of treatment, a PCR assay with control and experimental saliva samples was performed to analyze the quantity of oral pathogens. Preliminary results will be shown.

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