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Welcome to Mostly Microbes and Infectious Diseases. David Ojcius posts newspaper and journal articles in the broad field of microbiology.

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Ivermectin inhibits infection in epithelial cells

#Ivermectin #microbiology #Chlamydia #Onchocerca #STI #STD Ivermectin inhibits growth of Chlamydia trachomtis in epithelial cells Ivermectin is currently approved for treatment of both clinical and veterinary infections by nematodes, including Onchocerca cervicalis in horses and Onchocerca volvulus in humans. However, ivermectin has never been shown to be effective against bacterial pathogens. Here we show that ivermectin also inhibits infection of epithelial cells by the bac

The Most Common Bacterial Cause of Food Poisoning Could Also Be an STI

A new study looking at men who have sex with men (#MSM) has shown for the first time that #Campylobacter (a common bacterial cause of #food poisoning) is likely being passed on as a sexually transmitted infection (#STI) as well. Campylobacter is a genus of squiggly bacteria that can cause humans quite a butt-ache. The bacterium is one of the reasons you've been told to make sure poultry is thoroughly cooked before you eat it, and why you are more likely to end up with a bout

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