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Welcome to Mostly Microbes and Infectious Diseases. David Ojcius posts newspaper and journal articles in the broad field of microbiology.

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Microbiology and Climate Change

This special issue will provide a global snapshot of the research that addresses the association between #microbiology and #climate change. Guest editors: Dr. Jason Tetro, University of the Pacific, San Francisco Dr. David Ojcius, University of the Pacific, San Francisco Special issue information: #ClimateChange has become part of the common lexicon; however, most discussions tend to focus on macroscopic topics such as atmospheric CO2 levels and extreme weather conditions. Ye

New Study Shows Climate Change May Increase the Spread of Plant Pathogens

New Study Shows #ClimateChange May Increase the Spread of Plant Pathogens #climate #microbiology Models suggest that higher latitude crops will experience higher infection rates and a greater number of threats The agricultural impact of climate change would be a little more straightforward, if it occurred in a world where crops were free of their microbes. Research published today has found that in this hypothetical landscape, rising global temperatures will boost global agri

Microbes in ocean help moderate Earth's temperature

#microbiology #microbiome #environment #climate #climatechange A lot of methane is found beneath seafloor, yet very little leaves oceans & gets into atmosphere. Researchers now discover that microbes rapidly consume the methane, preventing its escape into Earth's atmosphere. Methane is a strong greenhouse gas that plays a key role in Earth's climate. Anytime we use natural gas, whether we light up our kitchen stove or barbeque, we are using methane. Only three sources on Eart

More Than a Third of Heat Deaths Are Tied to Climate Change, Study Says

#climate #climatechange #globalwarming #heatstress #economicinequality Sweeping new research found that heat-related deaths in warm seasons were boosted by climate change by an average of 37 percent. More than a third of heat-related deaths in many parts of the world can be attributed to the extra warming associated with climate change, according to a new study that makes a case for taking strong action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to protect public health. The

First Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Released in US Are Hatching Now

#Zika #dengue #chikungunya #yellowfever #climatechange As Aedes aegypti #mosquitoes increase their range because of warming #climate, genetic manipulation of the disease-carrying species could gain wider appeal This week, mosquito eggs placed in the Florida Keys are expected to hatch tens of thousands of genetically modified mosquitoes, a result of the first U.S. release of such insects in the wild. A biotechnology firm called Oxitec delivered the eggs in late April as part o

Climate Change Is Ushering in a New Pandemic Era.

Intensive agriculture, habitat destruction, & climate change are ushering in a new pandemic era, especially through the emergence of new pathogens from animals. #agriculture #climatechange #pandemic #zoonosis #microbes #infection

The book reopened on infectious diseases

Emerging infectious diseases represent a major challenge to human health worldwide. The risk of evolving new infectious pathogens has been intensifying due to urbanization, demographic changes, air travel, inappropriate use of antibiotics, and climate change. These pathogens can affect humans from urban centers to the remotest corners of the globe. Far from being a scourge of the past, infectious diseases are relevant for the world today. #microbes #infection #emergingpathoge

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