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Welcome to Mostly Microbes and Infectious Diseases. David Ojcius posts newspaper and journal articles in the broad field of microbiology.

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Dietary fiber and probiotics influence the gut microbiome and melanoma immunotherapy response

Dietary fiber & probiotics influence the gut #microbiome & melanoma #immunotherapy response Melanoma patients reporting high fiber (prebiotic) consumption had better response to checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy than patients reporting a low-fiber diet. Another benefit of dietary fiber The gut microbiome can modulate the immune system and influence the therapeutic response of cancer patients, yet the mechanisms underlying the effects of microbiota are presently unclear. Spe

Fiber is better for immunity than probiotics

293 people all receiving similar #immunotherapy for skin cancer showed no significant immune boost from taking a probiotic. But eating a #diet rich in #fiber (#prebiotics) was correlated to survival. PROBIOTICS ARE BIG business — they are the third most common supplement, after vitamins and minerals. Some formulas are touted as being good for digestion and the immune system, and they are particularly popular with people worried about immunity. But a new survey of dietary habi

A commonly found parasite could treat certain types of cancer

Researchers have shown that #immunotherapy with a type I ΔGRA17 mutant #Toxoplasma gondii induces inflammatory responses in the injected tumors & in tumors located in a distant location in the mouse body. #cancer #parasitology Scientists have discovered that a deadly #parasite, known to cause ill health in pregnant women and immunocompromised patients, could potentially be used to treat various types of #tumors. The research, published today in the Journal for ImmunoTherapy C

New combination immunotherapy plus ART expand innate cells critical to controlling HIV

#AIDS #HIV #SIV Researchers have determined a combination #immunotherapy of IL-21 and IFNα when added to antiviral therapy (ART) is effective in generating highly functional NK cells that can help control and reduce simian immunodeficiency virus (#SIV) in animal models. ART is the current leading treatment for HIV/AIDS. It is capable of reducing the virus to undetectable levels, but is not a cure and is hampered by issues such as cost, adherence to medication treatment plan a

Fecal microbiota transplants help patients with advanced melanoma respond to immunotherapy

For patients with cancers who do not respond to immunotherapy drugs, adjusting the composition of the gut #microbiota through fecal microbiota transplants may help some of these individuals respond to the #immunotherapy drugs, a new study suggests.

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