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Welcome to Mostly Microbes and Infectious Diseases. David Ojcius posts newspaper and journal articles in the broad field of microbiology.

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HIV & AIDS - signs, symptoms, transmission, causes & pathology

What are HIV & #AIDS? (free video) #HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus, is a type of virus that infects human immune cells. Over time, immune cells are lost, which weakens the immune system and allows patients to be infected by other viruses and develop several types of tumors. #virology #virus

Beyond coronavirus: the virus discoveries transforming biology

#virus #virology #viral #coronavirus There are ~10*31 individual viral particles inhabiting the ocean at any given time, but we’ve officially named only 9,110 virus species. There is now an explosion in viral classification. Mya Breitbart has hunted novel viruses in African termite mounds, Antarctic seals and water from the Red Sea. But to hit pay dirt, she has only to step into her back garden in Florida. Hanging around her swimming pool are spiny-backed orbweavers (Gasterac

How coronavirus aerosols travel through lungs

#coronavirus #aerosols #virus #virology #COVID19 More than 65% of inhaled coronavirus particles reach the deepest region of our lungs where damage to cells can lead to low blood oxygen levels, new research has discovered, and more of these aerosols reach the right lung than the left. Lead author of the study Dr. Saidul Islam, from the University of Technology Sydney, said while previous research has revealed how virus aerosols travel through the upper airways including the no

Special Issue Call for Papers: Advances in Microbial Pathogenesis

#microbiology #pathogenesis #immunology #immunity #bacteria #virus #virology #mycology #infectiousdisease #genetics #microbiota The editors of Microbial Pathogenesis (YMPAT), Current Research in Microbial Sciences (CRMICR) and Current Research in Immunology (CRIMMU) are joining to organize a special collection called Advances in Microbial Pathogenesis and Host Immunity. How to efficiently combat infectious agents, including bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa is now more im

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