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Welcome to Mostly Microbes and Infectious Diseases. David Ojcius posts newspaper and journal articles in the broad field of microbiology.

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Beyond coronavirus: the virus discoveries transforming biology

#virus #virology #viral #coronavirus There are ~10*31 individual viral particles inhabiting the ocean at any given time, but we’ve officially named only 9,110 virus species. There is now an explosion in viral classification. Mya Breitbart has hunted novel viruses in African termite mounds, Antarctic seals and water from the Red Sea. But to hit pay dirt, she has only to step into her back garden in Florida. Hanging around her swimming pool are spiny-backed orbweavers (Gasterac

Chronic viral infections can have lasting effects on human immunity, similar to aging

Research suggests that chronic #viral infections have a profound & lasting impact on the human immune system in ways that are similar to those seen during #aging. Using systems #immunology and #artificialintelligence, researchers profiled and compared immune responses in a cohort of aging individuals, people with HIV on long-term anti-retroviral therapy, and people infected with hepatitis C (HCV) before and after the virus was treated with a drug that has up to a 97% cure rat

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