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Antibiotic resistance in agriculture: strategies to overcome upsurge in resistance

#AntibioticResistance is a massive problem rising constantly and spreading rapidly since the past decade. The major underlying mechanism responsible for this problem is an overuse or severe misuse of antibiotics. Regardless of this emerging global threat, antibiotics are still being widely used, not only for treatment of human infections, but also to a great extent in #agriculture, livestock and animal husbandry. If the current scenario persists, we might enter into a post-antibiotic era where drugs might not be able to treat even the simplest of infections. This review discusses the current status of antibiotic utilization and molecular basis of antibiotic resistance mechanisms acquired by bacteria, along with the modes of transmittance of the resultant resistant genes into human pathogens through their cycling among different ecosystems. The main focus of the article is to provide an insight into the different molecular and other strategies currently being studied worldwide for their use as an alternate to antibiotics with an overall aim to overcome or minimize the global problem of antibiotic resistance.

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