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Bioprospecting of cowdung microflora for sustainable agriculture and environment

Bioprospecting of cowdung microflora for sustainable agricultural, biotechnological and environmental applications

The review aims at highlighting the manifold applications of cow dung (CD) and CD microflora covering agricultural, biotechnological and environmental applications. The update research on CD microflora and CD in agricultural domain such as biocontrol, growth promotion, organic fertilizer, sulfur oxidation, phosphorus solubilization, zinc mobilization and underlying mechanisms involved in these processes are discussed. The significance of CD applications in tropical agriculture in context to climate change is briefly emphasized. The advances on genomics and proteomics of CD microflora for enhanced yield of enzymes, organic acids, alternative fuels (biomethane and biohydrogen) and other biocommodities, and environmental applications in context to biosorption of heavy metals, biodegradation of xenobiotics, etc. have been given critical attention.

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