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Oral Microbiome and Health

Guest editors: Ozlem Yilmaz and David Ojcius.

There is growing awareness that microbes in the oral cavity have a large effect on both oral disease and non-oral systemic disease. While previous research has focused on the role that known oral pathogens may play in disease, more recent research has revealed that the composition of the oral microbiota plays a large role in both health and disease. The oral microbiota is thought to have systemic effects through secretion of microbial metabolites or effector molecules and indirectly by modulating oral and systemic inflammation.

This special issue will provide an update of current research on the association between the oral microbiota and oral and systemic disease.

We would like to invite manuscripts that provide insight into this association, including effects of the oral microbiota on:

· Oral health

· Diabetes/Metabolic Syndrome

· Obesity

· Cancer

· Cardiovascular disease

· Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia

Manuscript submission information:

  • Submission site: Editorial Manager®

  • Submission due date: 30-September-2023.

  • Please select "VSI: Oral Microbiome" as the article type to ensure the article is correctly included for the special issue.

  • All accepted articles are eligible for 100% discount in APC.

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