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Association between gut microbiota and prediabetes in people living with HIV

The prevalence of prediabetes is rapidly increasing in general population and in people living with #HIV #AIDS (PLWH). Gut microbiota play an important role in human health, and dysbiosis is associated with metabolic disorders and HIV infection. Here, we aimed to evaluate the association between gut microbiota and prediabetes in PLWH. A cross-sectional study enrolled 40 PLWH who were receiving antiretroviral therapy and had an undetectable plasma viral load. Twenty participants had prediabetes, and 20 were normoglycemic. Fecal samples were collected from all participants. The gut microbiome profiles were analyzed using 16S rRNA sequencing. Alpha-diversity was significantly lower in PLWH with prediabetes than in those with normoglycemia (p<0.05). A significant difference in beta-diversity was observed between PLWH with prediabetes and PLWH with normoglycemia (p<0.05). Relative abundances of two genera in Firmicutes (Streptococcus and Anaerostignum) were significantly higher in the prediabetes group. In contrast, relative abundances of 13 genera (e.g., Akkermansia spp., Christensenellaceae R7 group) were significantly higher in the normoglycemic group. In conclusion, the diversity of gut microbiota composition decreased in PLWH with prediabetes. The abundances of 15 bacterial taxa in the genus level differed between PLWH with prediabetes and those with normoglycemia. Further studies on the effect of these taxa on glucose metabolism are warranted.

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