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San Francisco named 2021's best US city for summer vaxcation

A new survey lists San Francisco as the top when it comes to the best city in the U.S. for those looking for a safe and fun place to visit this summer.

With the summer travel season officially here, and with the COVID-19 pandemic still not completely in the rear view mirror, many people are making safety a key factor in their destination decision.

The survey by the group LawnStarter rounded up the best cities to vacation in, based on a city’s vaccination rate as well as dozens of other indicators, including the cost of a cab ride, the average Airbnb rate, and the number of attractions in that city.

With more and more Americans getting vaccinated, summer travel and family vacations have returned this summer. "The ability to travel freely," was one of the top three luxuries that U.S. adults missed the most about pre-pandemic life, according to a previous survey by the group.

Out of the 200 biggest U.S. cities researchers reviewed, the City by the Bay received the highest overall score for summer "vaxcation" hotspots. It placed number one in the category of "Having Fun" and came in second in the "Staying Safe" ranking.

Portland, Oregon followed in second place overall with Providence, Rhode Island coming in third.

Oakland came in 12th and Sunnyvale ranked 19th. Other Bay Area’s cities making the top 50 included Hayward and Fremont, 33rd and 43rd respectively.

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