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Visit of University of Gujrat dean sparks collaboration with University of the Pacific

Updated: Jun 2

Dean Prof. Dr. Zahid Yousaf of the University of Gujrat (UOG) embarked on a significant visit to the University of the Pacific, California, US, from May 20 to May 25. This visit was planned on the special invitation of Dr Qingwen Dong, Director graduate program and a leading academic from the department of communication. This visit not only facilitated fruitful discussions among academics from both countries but also laid the groundwork for a series of innovative collaborations between the two esteemed institutions.

During this visit, Prof. Dr. Zahid Yousaf Engaged in dialogues with key stakeholders including President Christopher Callahan, Vice President Mary Lomax-Ghirarduzzi,  Associate Provost David Ojcius, Dean Lee Skinner, Director of International Scholars and Services, Patrick Wolak, Director Admissions among others. These meetings underscored a shared vision for enhancing academic cooperation and global engagement.During his meeting with President, Prof. Dr. Zahid Yousaf presented a special letter from Vice Chancellor UoG Dr. Mushahid Anwar to President Chris Callahan, reaffirming UOG's commitment to fortifying ties and exploring avenues for mutual academic advancement. President Callahan reciprocated the excitement about exchange program and reaffirms its academic and cultural benefits for both nations in his letter to Vice Chancellor Dr Mushahid Anwar.Prof. Dr. Zahid Yousaf also briefed President Callahan about the development of Centre for Media and Communication Studies, University of Gujrat. President Callahan not only praised the role of Centre in Pakistani Journalism and how the Centre worked for the research and cultural collaboration between Pakistan and United States, but also expressed the wish to visit here along with Prof. Dr. Qingwen Dong.Prof. Dr. Zahid Yousaf worked with Dr Dong, Director graduate program on several collaborative projects aimed at enriching the academic landscape and fostering international synergy. These proposed initiatives encompass Training Program for Centre for Media and Communication Studies’Post-Doctoral Students, Faculty Exchange Program, Student Exchanges, and Double Degree Programs.As the partnership between these venerable institutions continues to flourish, it exemplifies the transformative potential of international collaboration in nurturing academic excellence and equipping students with the tools to thrive in an interconnected global environment.

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